Anything that enters the mouth creates a taste. Next we decide whether we like it or not. Should we swallow, suck, chew, or spit it out. These are deeply rooted with our sensual experiences but even more with the digestion process. By now our six tastes has been distinguished. This signals the brain and gut to secrete enzymes for proper digestion once the food reaches the stomach.

Choose your foods wisely for an optimal gut health.

The 6 tastes that Ayurveda identifies are as follows: 

The seasonal changes may give you clues as to what kinds of foods (tastes) you should be eating. Each season is made to help you have optimal health but the biggest mistake most people make is they eat the same foods throughout the whole year.

Think about it, the summer gives sweeter fruits, the fall season gives us the heartier foods like pumpkin, squash. The winter season is focused on fats, nuts, and oils to stay warm, and the spring is a season for astringent fruits like cherries to detox the body.  Mother Nature has lots of wisdom. We just have to listen.

Have fun with the rich tastes of Mother Nature.

Naturally Sweetened Foods/not sugar (Madhura)Earth & Water – (Good for VATA & PITTA dosha)
Sour (Amla)Earth & Fire – (Good for VATA dosha)
Salty (Lavana)Water & Fire – (Good for VATA dosha)
Pungent (Katu)Fire & Air – (Good for KAPHA dosha)
Bitter (Tikta)Air & Ether – (Good for PITTA & KAPHA dosha)
Astringent (Kashaya)Air & Earth – (Good for PITTA & KAPHA dosha)

In our society today, most foods fall into the category of sweet, sour, and/or salty.

This is a big reason for diseases like obesity and diabetes on the rise. If a person with KAPHA (Earth) dosha indulges in too many sweets, it can lead to the problem of fat accumulation. They should be eating more bitter, pungent, and astringent foods to naturally break down nutrients and eliminate waste.

Similarly, if a person with PITTA (Fire) dosha consumes an excess of the sour taste, it can lead to increase in digestive problems like loose motions. They should have more naturally sweet, bitter, and astringent foods to cool off their hot fire in the body.

VATA (Air/Space) doshas should have regular schedules. Their biggest health issues relate to inconsistency and uncertainties. The best tastes for them are naturally sweet, sour, and salty. When they eat bitter foods, it many cause them to feel ungrounded.