7 Day Program

Recommended for first timers: A deep core physical, mental, and emotional clearing. One that purges locked up old habits, patterns, and beliefs in the subconscious mind. 

5 Day Program

Recommended for those who have done seasonal cleanses or prior healing work. Take this step to reset physically, mentally, and emotionally. Let go of the past and step into NOW!

90 Day Reset Plan

Recommended for those who need help resetting emotional and mental patterns – heartbreak, grieving, loss, uncertainty to create possibilities.

The Panchakarma (Ultimate Detox) Process

Panchakarma is an amazing 5,000 detox and rejuvenation formula from the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.
This program purges old information from the physical, mental, and emotional body. It pulls toxins from your lymphatic system and other places where toxins harden up and create a home for diseases. This process helps the body enter fat metabolism mode, which means that it can begin burning fat cells where the majority of our toxins and molecules of emotions (past memories) stagnate. 
After clearing, the nourishment of tissues begins at a deep level so you feel better from deep within.  People experience weight sustainable weight balancing for their unique body type.
This time-tested, scientifically proven method called Panchakarma (PK).
  • Crafted with love

    Snehana is the term used for oiling the inner and outer body.  It is crucial to loosen up (ama) toxins in the tissues,  facilitating their expulsion in the next phase.

  • Melodical by nature

    This is 
supported by a 5,000 year old ancient wisdom and resources you need to create the clarity, confidence & happiness you deserve. Find your rhythm with Mother Nature.

  • Lightning Fast

    You can feel the effects of this process working like a “well oiled machine”.


(after checking in with primary care physician)

After completing panchakarma, I took the cholesterol test this morning (after a 12 hour fast) and it’s All Good and significantly lower in range!  I don’t have to take my medications for sleeping nor cholesterol or any other issues anymore. You’re the Best …….Thanks for your caring and dedication to providing your gifts to the world.  Peace/Love /Joy


Phase 1 – Setup your body and mind

For some, pre-work is required to set the body up for cleansing. This can take up to 3-5 days depending on the unique constitution.

It is the first set of actions that are taken ahead of a Panchakarma therapy, and lasts for three to seven days. At this stage the body is prepared for treatment by loosening toxins and excess doshas.

This is known as Purvakarma that is derived from the words Purva (Foremost) and Karma (Action).

Phase 2 – Detox

This is the main part of the detox program.

During the stage, the therapy aims at stimulating the tissues with hot oils to loosen the accumulated toxins and bring it to the digestive system. This may include a full body oil massage (abhyanga), or different therapies, to stimulate all layers of the body tissues.

Phase 3- Rejuvenation

This phase includes an aftercare with how to continue with your life including a supportive diet, herbs & lifestyle recommendations.

After the toxins have been effectively eliminated, there are specific diet measures, controlled physical effort, exercise, and health-promoting natural herbal remedies that will be recommended. These support and enhance the successful effects of the two previous stages of Panchakarma treatments.


This testimonial is to the powers of simple oils and herb-based healing methodologies of Ayurveda. I met Geeta at a point in my life when things had pretty much come to a dead-end for me. My body was a royal mess, I was totally angry and confused, and my life was very stagnant. I went in for a trial treatment ( I did Marma therapy the first time), after which I did an Ayurvedic consult, followed by a 9 week intensive treatment.  I don’t want to write too much about the treatments – that would take pages and also I would rather have you experience it all – but I must say that I never thought Ayurveda could bring about such a profound change in my life. Though Indian, I was never exposed to Ayurveda; in my family, conventional medicine is the way to go. In the end, I feel liberated, and that too is an understatement.

Who needs Panchakarma?

In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose balance and perspective. You may need to reset and balance with Panchakarma if you experience:
  • Weight gain
  • Mental fog
  • Fear and worry
  • Aging and feeling disconnected
  • Indecision and doubt
  • Belly fat
  • Inflammation
  • Fat accumulation
  • Restlessness
  • Lymphatic congestion 
  • Poor digestion 
  • Sluggishness
  • Heavy energy 
  • Gas/constipation/bloated
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Fatigue, exhaustion
  • Skin Issues
  • Looking and feeling aged and old
  • Reproductive health issues
  • Breast augmentation
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Overall physical body changes
  • Autoimmune concerns

Still curious…call us! We are happy to help you answer any questions.

What others say about us


While studying as an undergrad in India over 20 years ago, I had heard in bits and pieces about this wonderful Ayurvedic treatment called  Pancha-karma. I saw how rejuvenated and full of life this classmate of mine would feel after a treatment.  I am a male in my early forties.  I am in general good health except that I had begun experiencing pain in the feet, a few years back – they would feel tired. I tried over-the-counter sole insert, foot massage, medicated oils, Physical therapy, chiropractic care. Nothing worked. Life events – the arrival of kids,  a new job, and a new home added to my stress and I had frequent backaches. Determined to improve the quality of my life, I decided to do something about it.  I decided to do Panchakarma with Geetha. I  took an entire week off and had the support of my family for rest after I came back from treatment each day.  There were clear instructions and it helped me understand what to expect as each day a different area was addressed.  Each day,  hours of massages with medicated oils worked wonders on my body spirit, and soul. I spent quality time with myself – physical rest for the body, yoga for flexibility, time for reflection for the mind –  inspiration to adopt new habits.   A new appreciation for these words – compassion, care, and therapeutic come to my mind as I think of what I experienced during the Panchakarma process under Geeta’s care.  I felt a remarkable change in my flexibility and energy level within 2-3 days. The pain diminished towards the end of the treatment. Out of the beautiful Panchakarma experience came a resolve to make lifestyle changes  – providing an outlet for expression – of creativity and thoughts.
It has been close to a year since I have had Panchakarma and  I would wholeheartedly recommend it from such a talented and skilled practitioner as Geeta.

In retrospect, I would have: started Ayurveda sooner and signed up for panchakarma the first day I walked through the door at Geeta Arora’s. I came to Ayurveda in large part because I was at what felt like a dead-end with western medicine. I have a long-standing autoimmune issue that caused a number of health problems, many with symptoms for which there is no known cure. I first went to see Geeta in August, and we started slowly, first with changes in my diet.  Although I am health conscious, these changes had dramatic positive effects.   Despite early success, it took me two months to set up an appointment for panchakarma.  The description of the process contained within it enough unknowns that my progress was slowed by tightly held caution.  But again the results were dramatic. The week-long treatment rendered a number of changes, both physical and emotional. The most concise way to summarize the physical changes is that I felt ten years younger. Pains in my feet that I had learned to live with for the last five years were gone. My wrist and arm pain, accumulated over the computer keyboard and piano, were gone. I stood straighter and felt lighter. My hair and skin felt more supple, and my body seemed to function more smoothly. It felt like my carapace had been removed. But in truth, these changes are nearly overshadowed by the emotional lift I experienced. I have a chronic, degenerative autoimmune issue which, in my experience, leads to a steady stream of negative medical feedback, which is corrosive over time  Geeta gives me back a spirit of hopefulness. I have rarely been in the company of someone who is so optimistic—and have never been in the company of someone so positive about my health. She somehow made space in my head and my heart to be hopeful about my health going forward—a change that I hadn’t even thought to wish for—and for which I am forever grateful.