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Welcome to Ayurveda Mantra –
a place for healing and relaxation

True healing begins within, so let us start there. Our philosophy is to custom-tailor a remedial process that works best for you–that’s the beauty of Ayurveda. We’ll help you restore harmony & balance with herbal remedies, body treatments, and more.


We’ll help you find balance in your lifestyle. At any and every age, you deserve to feel your absolute best.



Connect with the beauty that comes with loving and knowing your inner self.



Unblock your chakras and cleanse imbalances with Ayurvedic treatments. There is nothing better than supreme health.


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About Us

Ayurveda Mantra was started in 2002 with a mission of bringing the 5000-year-old healing system of Ayurvedic medicine into modern times.

Our goal is to help you embody a healthy lifestyle filled with joy and awareness. It is our firm belief that being happy and healthy helps each individual & the planet, and gives hope to future generations of our world. The keys to having a happy, peaceful, and full life are so close, all you have to do is reach out and grab them.

What our customers say about us

My visit here was the most lavish vacation I could ever have! I am revitalized, renewed. You may ask Geeta for a flower but she’ll make sure you always leave with a bouquet! Thank you for all the joy & peace you give.

This testimonial is to the powers of simple oils and herb-based healing methodologies of Ayurveda. I met Geeta at a point in my life when things had pretty much come to a dead-end for me. My body was a royal mess, I was totally angry and confused, and my life was very stagnant. I went in for a trial treatment (I did Marma therapy the first time), after which I did an Ayurvedic consult, followed by a 9-week intensive treatment. I never thought Ayurveda could bring about such a profound change in my life. Though Indian, I was never exposed to Ayurveda; in my family, conventional medicine is the way to go. In the end, I feel liberated, and that too is an understatement.

I found the Panchakarma program to be more relaxing than I could have imagined. Geeta is very attentive and intuitive. She described my body type and various qualities of my personality. She listed a daily routine for me to optimize a daily balance. I need to start my day with various hygiene recommendations, drink warm water, eat breakfast before starting my workday, followed by eating a large lunch. The end of my day needs to include meditation or yoga, eat dinner by 7 and use the evening to reflect. Self-massages with sesame oil once a week were recommended. A shirodhara treatment gave me the deepest, relaxing experience I could ever have imagined. She demonstrated and explained the importance of the Marma energy points. She demonstrated different nasal drops and I liked what they did for me. I had herbal steam and really enjoyed that. I had a facial (best facial ever as I like deep tissue massage). Call for an appointment first as she wants to give each client her full attention. Trust me, this is quality service.

In retrospect, I would have started Ayurveda sooner and signed up for panchakarma the first day I walked through the door at Geeta Arora’s. I came to Ayurveda in large part because I was at what felt like a dead-end with western medicine. I have a long-standing autoimmune issue that caused a number of health problems, many with symptoms for which there is no known cure…The most concise way to summarize the physical changes is that I felt ten years younger. Pains in my feet that I had learned to live with for the last five years were gone. My wrist and arm pain, accumulated over the computer keyboard and piano, were gone. I stood straighter and felt lighter. My hair and skin felt more supple, and my body seemed to function more smoothly. It felt like my carapace had been removed. But in truth, these changes are nearly overshadowed by the emotional lift I experienced. I have a chronic, degenerative autoimmune issue which, in my experience, leads to a steady stream of negative medical feedback, which is corrosive over time. Geeta gives me back a spirit of hopefulness. I have rarely been in the company of someone who is so optimistic—and have never been in the company of someone so positive about my health. She somehow made space in my head and my heart to be hopeful about my health going forward—a change that I hadn’t even thought to wish for—and for which I am forever grateful.

While studying as an undergrad in India over 20 years ago, I had heard in bits and pieces about this wonderful Ayurvedic treatment called Panchakarma. I saw how rejuvenated and full of life this classmate of mine would feel after a treatment. I am a male in my early forties. I am in general good health except that I had begun experiencing pain in the feet, a few years back–they would feel tired. I tried over-the-counter sole insert, foot massage, medicated oils, physical therapy, and chiropractic care. Nothing worked. Life events– the arrival of kids, a new job, and a new home added to my stress and I had frequent backaches. Determined to improve the quality of my life, I decided to do something about it. I decided to do Panchakarma with Geeta. I took an entire week off and had the support of my family for rest after I came back from treatment each day. There were clear instructions and it helped me understand what to expect as each day a different area was addressed.  Each day, hours of massages with medicated oils worked wonders on my body, spirit, and soul. I spent quality time with myself–physical rest for the body, yoga for flexibility, time for reflection for the mind, inspiration to adopt new habits. A new appreciation for these words: compassion, care, and therapeutic come to my mind as I think of what I experienced during the Panchakarma process under Geeta’s care. I felt a remarkable change in my flexibility and energy level within 2-3 days. The pain diminished towards the end of the treatment. Out of the beautiful Panchakarma experience came a resolve to make lifestyle changes, providing an outlet for expression of creativity and thoughts. It has been close to a year since I have had Panchakarma and I would wholeheartedly recommend it from such a talented and skilled practitioner as Geeta.