Our Services –
An overview

We offer a wide variety of services to fit your needs. If you don’t see what you need on this page, please contact us.

  • Abhyanga Hot Oil Massage
    In Sanskrit, “Abhi” means glow and “Anga” means limb. Consider this massage the crème de la crème of Ayurvedic massage. Abhyanga is a beautiful full-body experience with special, herbally-medicated oils. This massage is noted as therapeutic because of its wide array of benefits, from reducing stress and blood pressure to benefitting skin, reducing muscle stiffness, and promoting lymphatic drainage.

    60 minutes

  • Abhyanga Hot Oil Massage - Extended
    A longer version of the Abhyanga massage.

    90 minutes

  • Abhyanga Hot Oil Massage with Steam – SIGNATURE TREATMENT
    This treatment is 60 minutes of Abhyanga massage, followed by 30 minutes of steam treatment. The steam allows the oils to transcend deep into the tissues and channels of the body, promoting immense relaxation.

    90 minutes

  • Maternity Massage
    Prenatal Ayurvedic massage for women in all stages of their pregnancy. Techniques will be used to reduce stress, swelling, joint pain, and muscle pain while providing the utmost comfort and relaxation.

    60 minutes

  • Shirodhara
    In Sanskrit, “Shiro” means head and “Dhara” means flow. This treatment gets you in touch with your Alpha & Theta Brain Waves to attain a meditative, absolutely-relaxed state of mind.

    30-45 minutes

  • Panchakarma
    Completely rejuvenate your mind & body with this ancient process of resetting. This is a 7-day program to release toxins from the body, let go of deep-seated emotions, and activate your potential. Includes body treatments, one-on-one coaching, and a comprehensive report that will guide you towards your next best move.

Body Treatments

These treatments are specifically meant to open up the bodily channels and allow the lymphatic systems to flow. They bring the body clarity and ease. Packages are available.

  • Consultation
    After an in-depth review of your lifestyle and habits, a pulse analysis, and a tongue analysis, you will be provided with a map for attaining your most balanced state. You will be told your Dosha (mind-body constitution) and will be given all the necessary details for curing imbalances. This comes with a comprehensive report. Personalized herbal formulas will be available for purchase after the consultation.

    60 minutes

  • Consultation Follow-Up
    30 minutes

Lifestyle & Coaching

An essential part of the Ayurvedic experience is learning about oneself and how to bring one’s life into utmost balance. Through the assessment of you and your lifestyle, you will learn how to achieve balance.

  • Extended Coaching
    Engage in one-on-one coaching that will help you revisit all aspects of your life requiring transformation.

    6 weeks

Extended Programs

These programs are designed for those who want to spend extra time learning how to exist with purely peace and mindfulness.

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