About Ayurveda Mantra –
Our philosophy and how we started

Founded in 2002 by Geeta Arora, Ayurveda Mantra exists to spread love, peace, and knowledge with Ayurveda. We want every person to feel beautiful, alive, and healthy.

World-Renowned Wellness Center and Spa

Ayurveda Mantra has been internationally recognized by individuals, including celebrities and professionals in the fields of Eastern & Western medicine, who have felt totally transformed by Ayurveda’s immensely powerful, enlightening effects.

Relaxation at its best

We want you to leave our wellness center feeling blissful, energized, and simply amazing. You will be fully taken care of during your time at Ayurveda Mantra.

About Our Founder, Geeta Arora

At 27-years-old, Geeta was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma and given weeks to live. Rejecting Western medicine at this time, she sought out a miracle to save her life. This is when Ayurveda entered her life–almost like magic–and she was cured of lethal cancer within a matter of days. After witnessing the power of Eastern medicine, and seeing how it could reverse imbalances of the body and mind, Geeta left her corporate job and began studying Ayurveda full-time. Since 2002, she has owned Ayurveda Mantra and has continued to bring Ayurveda into the lives of people all over the world.

What People Are Saying

Ayurveda Mantra Wellness and Spa
Based on 18 Reviews
Kat W.
Kat W.
2019-08-19 20:05:32
I had the good fortune of being in a seminar group with Geeta this week, minutes after experiencing an acute episode of food poisoning. The root and seed...
Lauren S.
Lauren S.
2016-05-28 13:16:45
Geeta, is the best healer I've ever been to. Every time I see her I feel more relaxed and healthy. I always return home happier, and as a result I exercise...
Margarita P.
Margarita P.
2016-05-05 10:52:28
I haven't seen Geeta for a few years as I moved away 2 years ago. However, I still dream of going back. I first met her in graduate school circa 2011 and...
Katherine B.
Katherine B.
2008-08-27 15:59:20
I work in the same business complex that Spa La'Vanya is located and it is like a little oasis with the duponti silk curtains. The owner specializes in the...
Areena M.
Areena M.
2008-06-11 18:53:09
Before I continue with my review, it's only fair to let everyone know that the owner of this spa is my aunt. I do my best to be objective, but I obviously...

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