Geeta Priya Arora

Geeta’s life changed through an incredible transformation after being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma with one month to live. She decided not to use any pharmaceuticals nor received chemotherapy.  She was completely healed with the Ayurveda approach in 3 weeks.  She now fulfills her purpose by teaching this wisdom for people to prosper and find happiness!

Read more about her incredible journey in her book Divine Delight: A Spiritual Healing Journey through Consciousness, Ayurveda, and Yoga. 

Geeta shares her astonishing journey through consciousness after the powerful grace of Divinity healed her body, mind and spirit. Geeta experienced a divine healing, crossing over into the spiritual realm while being guided by her spiritual Guru, Sai Baba. Geeta believed it was time to leave her body, but ultimately her spirit rejoined its earthly habitation after receiving and experiencing her life’s message with a vision and a soul purpose. At twenty-seven, doctors told Geeta Arora that her sudden multiple autoimmune disorders and Hodgkin’s Disease with Lymphoma meant she had only a matter of two to six months to live. Refusing chemotherapy and other conventional treatments, Geeta turned to Ayurvedic medicine as her last hope. Immediately after she received Ayurvedic therapies, in only three weeks of hot oil massages, steam, herbal remedies, and a nourishing diet of wholesome foods chosen to help her body restore its immune system, Geeta found that she was free from disease with an ability to heal. By sharing her personal experiences in Divine Delight, Geeta opens readers’ eyes to the illusions that separate humanity from the essence of who we are by conversations about the missing pieces between mind, body, heart and the higher self with Ayurveda and Yoga.

Ayurveda Practitioner, Yogini, Heart-Centered Entrepreneur, Founder of Ayurveda Mantra Healing & Wellness Center

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Geeta’s Experience


2006 – 2009

Masters Degree – Ayurvedic Medicine

Mount Madonna – Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic Institute, New Mexico – Training with Dr. Vasant Lad


MBA Degree

Golden Gate University, San Francisco


Yoga Certification

Mount Madonna – School of Yoga

Job/Business Journey


Ayurveda Mantra Healing & Wellness Center

Originally located in Palo Alto, CA.

Now centrally located to serve the Silicon Valley in Milpitas, CA.

2002 – 2008

La’Vanya Day Spa

Located in Burlingame, CA

1996 – 2001

3COM Corporation – Customer Service Business Manager

1996 – 2001

Oracle – Marketing Analyst