“I’m starving but I don’t know what to eat.”

“Maybe I’m not even hungry, I just FEEL like eating something.”

In the constant web of thoughts, perceptions, emotions and the sometimes erratic or unhealthy behaviors, there’s so much confusion about what to to eat and how to eat.

To really know what you want to eat and what you’re craving, you have to first understand your mind and body type.

Let’s make this whole process easier, shall we?


Do you know how much to exercise or which exercise is best for you? We recognize not everyone is a marathon runner or athlete.  We’ll help you kickstart an exercise routine so it becomes part of your normal living.

Work/Life balance

What is the key balancing factor to career and your personal life? Let’s take a look at your life overall and come with strategies so you have plenty of time for yourself too.

Nutrition Plans

What do I eat? This is the #1 question everyone asks.  Know your mind and body type and you’ll always make the right choice. A consultation can help you get some answers.

Weight Loss

We have seen many people who gain weight are actually starving? We help you get to the bottom of weight gain, whether it’s lymphatic backup, fat accumulation or some deep seated fear creating the imbalances.

Food as medicine

Ayurveda teaches us about the characteristics and qualities of the five elements in relation to food:

  • Space is light, soft, subtle and abundant. It flows and provides room to facilitate sound and openings. Popcorn and wafers are light and hollow examples.
  • Air or wind is dry, subtle. It it the what you breathe creating movement. Crackers, chips, toast, beans, and legumes are examples of foods an airy nature . These foods may create gas. Excess dryness can lead to constipation.
  • Fire is hot, dry, subtle, rough, sharp as it acts to radiate heat and light. Spicy foods include chilies, ginger, pepper, and clove. Eating these foods helps with digestion, metabolism and beautiful glowing skin. However, too much spicy foods can cause acidity, aggravation, and loose bowel motions.
  • Water qualities are moist, cool, soft holding things together and assists with lubrication. The saliva in the mouth also facilitates digestion. Water, juices, soups, and melons are some examples.
  • Earth has the qualities of being heavy, solid, stable, rough and slow. Foods like cheese, baked and fried foods may cause congestion. Although its very tasty, it may cause heaviness, and sluggishness. When taken in excess, they can contribute to overweight and obesity.

Fine Tune your taste buds

The 6 Tastes (Ayurveda)

The seasonal changes may give you clues as to what kinds of foods (tastes) you should be eating. Each season is made to help you have optimal health but the biggest mistake most people make is they eat the same foods throughout the whole year.

Think about it, the summer gives sweeter fruits, the fall season gives us the heartier foods like pumpkin, squash. The winter season is focused on fats, nuts, and oils to stay warm, and the spring is a season for astringent fruits like cherries to detox the body.  Mother Nature has lots of wisdom. We just have to listen.

Have fun with the rich tastes of Mother Nature.

Sweet (Madhura) Earth & Water
Sour (Amla) Earth & Fire
Salty (Lavana) Water & Fire
Pungent (Katu) Fire & Air
Bitter (Tikta) Air & Ether
Astringent (Kashaya) Air & Earth

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