Ayurveda Consultation

The simple secrets of nature are revealed while learning about the physical and mental makeup. Life just gets a deeper meaning flowing with a different level of awareness about everything around and a sense of knowing the good and bad.

An experienced practitioner can help map out the process to eradicate the disease process with diet, lifestyle, daily routines, nightly routines, and personalized plans to balance all the doshas.

During the consultation, an assessment is done to find your personalized nature (prakruti) of your dosha (mind/body type) and imbalances (vikruti) like weight gain, fatigue or insomnia. Prevention is the key but life happens to all and if symptoms begin to show up due to environment, emotions or change in seasons, an Ayurvedic consultation can be beneficial in understanding the next steps of your life.

Find healthy coping mechanisms to stress, distracted mind, depression, anxiety, and burnout.

Nutrition Plans

Keep your mind fresh. You are what you eat, your mental attitude is deeply impacted by what goes into your mouth. Learn what your body truly desires.

Weight Loss

Much of weight gain is not only fat but are a lymphatic backup in the system. Energetically, layers of protection are created to feel safe. Energy healing can help along with knowing what and when to eat.

Work/Life balance

Balancing stress with your inner self can help release unwanted tension in your body and mind.

Movement & Balance

Do you wish to know what kind of exercise is best for you?  Yoga is a sister science of Ayurveda and can help heal from the inside out while pushing your body can help stay in shape.

STUDY: Meditation in Nature…

A study by Cornell shows that time spent in nature (even just 10 minutes!) can reduce your physical and mental stress levels significantly. You may experience lower blood pressure, reduced heart rate, and less muscular tension, as well as a reduction in depression and anxiety symptoms, anger, symptoms of ADHD, and aggression and hostility. These benefits get quadrupled when instead of just a visual experience you make it an immersive one by meditating with nature.

Ayurveda on Mental Health

Ayurveda has its own identity as the most ancient and traditional System of Medicine in India.

The effectiveness of “traditional mental health promoting practices” was identified as health regimens, correct behavior patterns or habits, and yoga focusing on mental restraint, or a “mind control” as referred by Charaka (Charaka compiled the Charaka Samhita as a Sanskrit text on Ayurveda. Along with the Sushruta Samhita, it is one of the two foundational texts of this field that have survived from ancient India).

Mind control is an individual journey achieved through spiritual knowledge, philosophy, fortitude, remembrance and concentration.

These principles teach us how to rediscover critical knowledge and awareness of the natural forces and rhythms that compliment and strengthen our human experience.

To bring radical changes in our mental outlook and in physical health, awareness reflects what our inner experiences. To bring transformation involves practical daily activities with thorough attention to our total environment .

Find healthy coping mechanisms to stress, distracted mind, depression, anxiety, and burnout.

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