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Approach Life with Clarity, Creativity & Intuition

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Approach life with curiosity, love & balance

Ayurvedic & Yoga Practitioner, Geeta Arora, one of the leading learners and expert in Holistic Health helping you create union with Mind, Body & Heart to Breath, Clear Your Mind and Create with Intuitive Balance by Shifting Mindset, Empowering Ambitious Women

Discover how to Build Your Personal Brand, Position Yourself Successfully, and Create the Life of your Dreams, that results in Pure Joy and knowing that’s what you were born to do.

AYURVEDA -What we offer

Based on Ayurveda, 5,000 year old healing medical science from India, we give educational consultations and evaluate symptoms to help people understand their mind and body makeup and how to prevent health conditions from occurring.  We don’t treat or diagnose but use wisdom with nature, education about the human body and natural ancient therapies to awaken the body’s natural abilities to heal itself restoring client’s health and well-being emotionally, physically and mentally.
Once the body recalls it’s ability and knowledge of healing itself with nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, and tuning within, the underlying cause of disease is eliminated.
We specialize in bringing the mind and body into harmony allowing the body and mind to recognize where the root of the problem is beginning and to heal from within by nourishing or detoxifying the body with counseling, nutrition, mind/body understanding and guidance with integrity.

    Fall Equinox Cleanse

    What others say about us

    I am a big fan of Ayurveda Mantra Wellness Center and have been going there regularly for over two and half years now.   I love Gita’s approach to the Ayurvedic way of living  and was so happy to discover this place.
    Recently I finished my 3rd  5 day Panchakara treatment with Gita which has been each time an incredible detoxifying, purifying and healing journey.  Gita has a wise,caring and intuitive touch that I find very beneficial.  I especially love the way Gita does Marma points.  I also like the products she formulates such as her Tumeric skin cream
    Gita is skilled and full of heart so an oil massage or facial from either will leave you feeling really relaxed, pampered and beautiful. I can hardly wait for my next appointment on Friday!

    Renee C.Atherton, CA

    I went to see Geeta Priya in 2010 for a PanchaKarma…and received the best treatment I possibly could in this area…She helped with a total mind and body rejunevation….and I was able to get on with a healthier lifestyle after…Wish I could give more than 5 stars!

    M.C.Newark, CA

    I just had the most blissful , heavenly experience – Shirodhara treatment and a facial. It was completely relaxing and detoxing experience. All the stress and build up for daily stress was drained – I felt light, relaxed, calm, and energized.
    Thank You very much Geeta!

    David W. Paris, France

    I had a great time getting a facial with my bff here last month. The facials were great and it was a very relaxing and informative experience overall. Geeta is really cool and took time to explain some ayurvedic concepts to us.  She did not push her products to us but did recommended one of her facial cleansers for my rosacea.  It was modestly priced and it worked great! We both intend to go back for an Ayurvedic consultation some time soon.

    ElizabethSan Mateo, CA

    I found that the Panchakarma program to be more relaxing then I could have imagined.  The shirodhara treatment gave me the most deepest, relaxing experience I could never have imagined.  Geeta demonstrated and explained the importance of the Marma energy points. She demonstrated different nasal drops and I liked what they did for me. I had a herbal steam and really enjoyed that.I had a facial (best facial ever as I like deep tissue massage).  I bought a lovely tea that she makes and her skin products feel and smell very nice! these products support the Ayurveda approach. their location is easy to get to and parking is always available.  She has decorated this spa following Fung Shei (sp?) principles.  I love the colors and music that she plays, this all leads to relaxation and peace of mind.I have even purchased 3 discs of similar music since I have grown to really like this music. I like how she posts her various recipes on her web site.  I feel that I received everything that she describes in her mission statement and more! I have since taken my son for a skin consultation and facial.  My mouth dropped when I saw him and the major differences after his session! Geeta Priya educated him on how to “calm ” his face down to get redness and infection out of his facial area.  He liked it very much.

    KathleenCupertino, CA

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